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Our units

We lead the way for human fashion by designing trousers that inspire and encourage people to be who they are.

Who we are

Our Units

Our Units is a collective of human beings specialising in designing trousers for men and women.

Our purpose is to inspire and encourage people to be who they are. We believe everybody is unique and has something special to contribute. Like flowers, each has a potential that unfolds differently—a fundamental belief guiding everything we do.

Our trousers are classic, comfortable, effortless, and made to last, fitting you, so you don't have to fit in—but can be yourself instead. We're excited to make something that people love wearing.

The future also excites us—we envision fashion that's circular and follows people instead of trends. As a group, we feel a powerful longing to continuously expand our perspective, open our hearts and journey towards better.

And for us, better means feeling connected and seeing each other as we truly are. It means caring for our employees, our partners, our trousers, the ones who wear them, and everyone we meet along the way.

Let's be ourselves.
Let's move towards better.
Let's do it together.

With ease, love & understanding,

Our Units

Towards Better

There is more, and there is better

Our Units bears a responsibility to make a positive and healthy impact on people, society, and the planet. Doing everything we can to pass on something better—that's the least we can do.

Our brands

Our Units was founded in Copenhagen in 2008 to become specialists in one of the most challenging garments to design—trousers. Today, our brands are known and worn in and outside Scandinavian. As for us, we are highly skilled specialists on a never-ending journey towards better.

Five Units supports women in shining from their essence.

Plain Units inspires men to be who they are.