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Fashion follows trends, not people
—we think that can change.

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Our Units

Becoming a Great Place to Work
by Learning From Flowers

Flowers are unique, just like humans.
Individually, we're beautiful. Together, we're magical.

Our Units

We envision a future of fashion that’s circular and follows people instead of trends.


We're specialists who make trousers

We are specialists, and we strive to craft trousers of exceptional quality. We know all about workflow, how to sew, the techniques, and the small details—and we carefully instruct our partners, factories, and product makers to get what we want, every time.

From the people
From the people
Hailey's so lovely! They have a refreshing tapered fit that looks awesome on most women. I love the high waist—great to style with a belt or with a blouse or sweater tucked in.
— Yvonne from Norway
From the people
Most trousers get replaced by a new model, a new fit, a new cut. It's a hassle. All I want is what I'm used to. Josh stays the same, only changing his appearance. It's like coming home.
— Mads from Denmark
From the people
I've been a big fan of Five Units for many years; excellent quality and fit. And their styles have lasted for as long as I've been a fan.
— Elisabeth from Sweden
From the people
Josh is the best pair of trousers I have. They're neat, without giving me the feeling of wearing half a suit, and they're so comfortable to wear that I don't give them thought all day.
— Kristian from Denmark